Review of rechargeable Beltone Amaze hearing aids


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I love the fact that the Beltone Amaze are rechargeable as opposed to having to carry batteries with me and change the batteries out. The transition to the rechargeable batteries was so easy. There are indicator lights that tell you when it’s charging an when they’re fully charged and the charger itself is so easy to use and it has its own battery so even if its not plugged in I know that I can go away for 2 or 3 days without the charger, and I won’t run out of juice. In fact, one of the things I did once was just test am I thought OK.

I just won’t charge them, I’ll see how long ago without it and I think I got about 36 hours. If I get up in the morning and realize I haven’t charged. I can just drop him in the charger go make coffee have a little breakfast come back and in 20 minutes I’ve got 8 hours worth of hearing so that fast charge feature is a great backup. Knowing that they’re going to last all day everyday gives me a great feeling of confidence that to me indicates a really high quality product. It’s just it’s completely eliminated the worry about whether a battery would run out on me or not.

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