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DeafMetal® now in Ontario, exclusively at Hear Well Be Well

DeafMetal Jewelry for hearing devices

Secure your hearing aids and add some style to your hearing devices

Hear Well Be Well is proud to be the exclusive provider of DeafMetal in Ontario. This innovative jewelry for hearing devices is taking the world by storm. No matter your age or gender, there’s a DeafMetal that’s right for you.

About DeafMetal®

DeafMetal is the brainchild of Jenni Ahtiainen, a creative designer and wearer of hearing aids. Having spent time in the fashion industry and having a style all her own, when Jenni got her first hearing aids she immediately created some jewelry to make her hearing aids more a part of her style.

With their head office in Finland and retailer around the world, the award-winning DeafMetal company and designs are setting a new standard for how hearing aids are accepted.

Focused on their impact to fashion and hearing device world, plus our physical world, all DeafMetal packaging is made from recycled cardboard and plastic and the jewelry uses recycled silver, up to 100% recycled in some jewelry parts.

Safety advantage of DeafMetal

Using the unique DeafMetal system, your hearing aids are more safely secured, helping you avoid them falling off when you’re taking glasses or hats on and off. A terrific choice if you lead an active life. The design you choose can be plain or make a statement. What a great way to destigmatize hearing aids!

DeafMetal hearing aid security jewellery for men

New introduction:
The Man Cuff

The Man Cuff was designed to be nearly invisible and fits the ear in simple way. It’s designed for ease of use and discretionary. Great for men who don’t want to make a statement, just want the safety function.

Life, Style, Function

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