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Unique testing process

Going beyond the audiogram

Hear Well Be Well’s unique hearing test process was developed over 30 years through the knowledge, training, and experience of talented professionals serving a variety of clients and communities. It’s more than just an audiogram; it’s finding the nuances that make the difference to get to your best hearing potential.

Your best hearing is the centre of all we do.

We’re ready to take the time to reach your best hearing potential. Using the latest in hearing test technology combined with additional education and testing, we learn—and so do you—about your hearing capabilities.

Your past, your present, and your hearing

Telling us some tidbits about your life sets up a great beginning to the testing and your future hearing capabilities. So many things can affect your hearing, even years later. Where you work or worked; your leisure activities, both now and then; and even some of your health experiences can contribute to where your hearing is today—and how you feel about it.

When you know, you can see your future.

Hearing loss can be a tough thing to admit—even when you see the results right in front of you. So, we make sure you understand how the ear works and the things that can affect your hearing.

Our testing includes both subjective and objective testing. We inspect and we analyze. We double check and compare.

Then we share the results and what they mean with you. And then we talk about how your future can sound.

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Watch a hearing test video with radio personality Buzz Reynolds from CKNX radio.