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Signia hearing solutions provide the speech clarity you need with features you want. Signia’s clever solutions include extraordinary Own Voice Processing helping make your voice sound like you remember it, and an amazing, targeted approach to tinnitus therapy beyond other manufacturers.

Insio AX and Pure AX

Charge & Go

The Insio AX and Pure AX bring the choice in style you need with the hearing quality you want.

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Insio AX and Pure AX Hearing Aid

Signia Active and Active Pro

Active Earbuds

Signia Active and Active Pro earbuds not only stream music and phone calls in high-definition sound using Bluetooth, they also enhance your overall hearing experience.

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Signia Active and Active Pro Active Earbuds

Styletto AX

Award-winning Styletto

The Styletto AX rechargeable hearing aids look as amazing as they sound. Their award-winning design is smaller than before for an even more elegant and discreet fit behind your ears.

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Signia Silk X

Signia Silk X

So small, it’s almost invisible

Signia’s Silk X is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids. You can wear it with confidence knowing no one will even notice you’re wearing it.

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Signia Silk X


Signia hearing solutions give you state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for Android and iOS devices. You can easily stream your phone calls, music and TV audio right to your hearing aids in high-quality digital sound.

Augmented Xperience (AX)

Augmented experience by Signia

Signia’s Augmented Focus™ technology lets you follow conversations with ease, even in difficult listening situations.

Augmented Focus technology splits the sound of speech from surrounding sounds, processes them separately to create clear contrast. Then, it recombines them to give you outstanding speech clarity.

With Auto EchoShield and Own Voice Processing 2.0, AX performs better than ever. New Auto EchoShield delivers automatic, real time echo reduction to ensure listening comfort in all situations, even in halls and rooms with lots of background noise. Own Voice Processing 2.0 makes the way you hear yourself talking sound more natural than ever.

Signia app

You can also connect your Signia hearing solutions to the Signia app featuring the Signia Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that offers immediate support when you need to adjust any settings and have an internet connection.

The Signia app also allows you to connect with your Hear Well Be Well hearing care professional via your smartphone when you need remote support.

Signa App