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Trade in your old hearing aids. It does more good than you know.

Posted on October 18, 2023
Image of old hearing aid vs modern invisible hearing aid with captio: Discreet. Powerful. Connected.

Hanging on to your hearing aids for years and years likely isn’t the best move you could make. Not only are you eventually going to have to start paying for repairs, which adds up quickly, but you’re missing out on hearing better.

“Hearing aids are getting better and better every year,” explains Elliot Tiede, hearing instrument specialist and technical field manager for Hear Well Be Well. “They exponentially get better every two years.”

As with any computer, over time the efficiency and effectiveness of hearing aids decreases. Critical parts of the hearings aids deterioriate or corrode. These parts are the listening and amplifying parts of the hearing aids and are programmed for your individual needs. Over time, those needs won’t be met any longer. Just like a worn tire not meeting safety standards. 

And more importantly, your hearing continues to change over time so your old hearing aids may not be right for you.  

If you’re missing bits of conversation because of old hearing aids, your brain is starting to fall back into the same mixed-up state it was in before you got your hearing aids. The auditory cortex takes a back seat and starts to feel unloved and unused. The prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain used in problem-solving, starts getting taxed more than it’s built to handle.

Because, yes, when you can’t hear well, your brain is using the problem-solving part of the brain rather than the auditory cortex. And you know the old saying, “Use it or lose it.”

At Hear Well Be Well, when you trade in your old hearing aids, they are put to good use. Previously owned hearing aids are cleaned and sanitized and then taken to Rwanda to be available for genocide survivors and their families. Why Rwanda? In Canada, you can’t sell or even donate used hearing aids because of government regulations so Hear Well Be Well supports survivors in Rwanda who might otherwise never hear their world. Hear Well Be Well CEOs John and Kathleen Tiede have longstanding relationships in Rwanda and this support has made a difference for hundreds of Rwandans, both young and old.

And now, until January 31, 2024, when you trade in your old hearing aids, no matter how old, you can receive a $500 trade-in allowance on your purchase of new technology*. And as always, you can have a no obligation, free 2-week trial so you know your new technology makes a difference.

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* Not applicable to subscription plans or Rely technology.