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Top four reasons people avoid getting hearing tests

Posted on July 4, 2022

Hearing is one of your most important senses. So important, in fact, one of the first tests you get as a newborn is a hearing test. Your hearing connects you to your world and helps keep you safe. Even in your sleep, you keep hearing.

Older woman wearing headphones

So why do so many people avoid getting their hearing tested?

Reason 1: I’m managing just fine.

Hearing loss can sneak up on you. You may develop coping techniques like lip reading or avoiding gatherings. You may ask coworkers to send an email rather than having a conversation. You may think you’re managing just fine, but chances are you’re not.

Those people who spend the most time with you aren’t loving your coping mechanisms. Constantly being asked to repeat themselves, missing out on gatherings because you don’t want to go and conflict being created because you misheard something – all things your loved ones are experiencing in the midst of your ‘managing just fine’.
If you don’t want to get your hearing test for yourself, do it for those who care about you.

Reason 2: I’m not old enough to have hearing problems.

Hearing loss happens at all ages. Sure, it’s more prevalent for those who’ve lived longer but it’s for that very reason it’s more prevalent – they’ve lived a life! Just like your joints can get ‘wear-and-tear’ from use over time, so can the parts of the ear that send sounds to your brain.

There are so many contributing factors to hearing loss. Saying it’s age is oversimplifying it.

Some medications, loud noises in our environments, illness, injury, lifestyle choices, and more can contribute to hearing loss. Everyone is old enough to have hearing problems.
No matter your age, if you’re asking people to repeat themselves, being accused of having the TV on too loud or have trouble understanding conversations in a crowded room, you may have some issues with your hearing health that a hearing test can help define.

Reason 3: I don’t like how hearing aids look

Images of grandpa’s big, clunky hearing aids! If the appearance of hearing aids is holding you back, the 21st Century takes that excuse away. Avoiding your hearing test because you don’t want to wreck your look by wearing a hearing aid can stop now.

Modern hearing aids are very discreet. While the type and level of your hearing loss may dictate what kind of hearing aid you need, there’s no need for a big, clunky hearing aid anymore. Some are the size of a pistachio and are well-hidden right inside your ear.

Finding the right hearing aid, not only for your level of hearing loss but for your lifestyle, is where a Hearing Instrument Specialist comes in. They’re knowledgeable about the available technologies and listen closely to your needs.

Reason 4: It’s all too complicated

Do you know how to read an Xray? Probably not. So, expecting to instantly understand an audiogram may be asking a lot of yourself. Fortunately, your Hearing Instrument Specialist will explain all the testing and your results in a way you can understand.

And hearing aids themselves don’t need to be complicated. You can have it as simple as just turning them on or off and let your Hearing Instrument Specialist worry about the rest. Or, if you’re a tech-minded person, you can take control through the apps available with many hearing aids.

Choosing the right hearing aid clinic

Not all hearing aid clinics are created equal.
Not all offer free hearing screening but Hear Well Be Well does.

Not all hearing clinics give you the option of a variety of manufacturers and brands. Some hearing clinics are actually owned by the manufacturers so your choices are limited or at least they push their own products. At Hear Well Be Well, you can access all the brands and technologies available in Ontario because we’re family-run, independent clinics.

Not all hearing clinics are willing to take the time to make sure you understand. At Hear Well Be Well, we believe compassion and trust are important elements in both the testing and, when needed, hearing aid choice. We’ll answer all your questions, happily share our knowledge and ensure you’re comfortable throughout your experience with us.

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