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To hear or not to hear

Couple sitting on couch watching TV

That is the question

Do you experience any of these?

  • Get told you have the TV too loud
  • Ask people to repeat themselves
  • Guess what people are saying to you
  • Choose not to attend gatherings because it’s too hard to hear
  • Believe people are mumbling all the time

If any of these sounds familiar, it could be signs of hearing loss.

Hearing well plays such an important role in our daily lives. It allows us to:

  • Connect more deeply with loved ones, making communication easy once again
  • Direct our focus on others, instead of feeling insecure and focused on ourselves
  • Enjoy performing daily activities independently
  • Attend an appointment on our own, since we can better understand what others are saying
  • Enjoy an active lifestyle and celebrate with our tennis partner or golf buddy on their perfect shot
  • Feel safe in an emergency because we can hear the warning sirens

Overall, we experience improved quality of life. When we feel confident, connected, safe, and are maintaining our independence, we have a greater capacity to offer our gifts to the world.

You know when you aren’t hearing well. Don’t wait to hear your life. It sounds good!