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It’s hearing time!

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Did you know untreated hearing loss can increase your risk of developing dementia by 5 times? Did you also know leaving hearing loss untreated can increase the speed at which your hearing deteriorates?

Common reasons people avoid getting hearing aids


There’s no question hearing aids are an investment, not just a grab-and-go solution to treating hearing loss. Getting the right technology to treat your personal hearing loss is important for you to have the best hearing you can moving forward.

I’m hearing just fine

You may be very good at reading lips and body language so you’re coping. Why mess with what’s working for you? While you may think you’re coping, the people around you know you’re struggling. Misunderstandings can create conflict, at work and at home. Think your hearing isn’t as bad as your audiogram showed? An audiogram is an impartial, scientific testing method you can trust.

I’m too young for hearing aids

Hearing loss can happen at any age. It can be caused by loud noise damage, illness, certain medications, even heredity. So, it’s not just age. Think about it – what makes you seem old? Always asking people to repeat themselves or having a nearly invisible hearing aid that allows you to participate in your world?

Hearing aids are ugly

There are so many different designs of hearing aids now. Many that are practically invisible. Hearing aid designers know people want something subtle and discreet, so designs are varied and many are customizable to colour as well. In a world where lots of people are constantly wearing earbuds for music or phone conversations, no one’s going to think twice about your hearing aids.

The hearing aid technology that works for you

Science has learned so much about the connection untreated hearing loss has to overall health. But what about the human side? Hearing loss can hold you back at work, in relationships, even in your hobbies.

Hear Well Be Well has been helping people rediscover sound for nearly 40 years as an independent, family-run business. In those 40 years, there have been so many changes in how hearing aids look and work. Technology has brought us a long way. We’re thrilled with the exciting new advances in hearing health support.

Let’s find you the technology and look that works for you, your lifestyle and your budget. Whether your life is relaxed, fast-paced, high tech or simple, we’ve got hearing support that fits who you are.

Make this time your hearing time!

* The HearWell Subscription Plan offers you monthly subscription pricing of as low as $99/month. Prices may change depending on your preferred technology. Subscription commitment is three (3) years. OAC.