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Community Ambassador

Here for you and your community

The Hear Well Be Well Community Ambassador program is designed to support local organizations delivering important programs and services that lift up your community.

When you book and attend your free hearing test and mention one of our Community Ambassadors, we donate $50 to the organization to help them fund the great work they do.

Who are Community Ambassadors

Askennonia Seniors Centre, Midland, ON

Askennonia Senior Centre logo

Askennonia Senior Centre in Midland has been encouraging local people to exercise body, mind and spirit for over 30 years. ‘Askennonia’ is a Ouendat greeting, that means Peace, Wholeness and Well- being. All Askennonia programs provide some form of physical or mental benefit. Most of Askennonia’s 50+ weekly programs are designed for members, but several are opened to the public.

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Calendon Community Services, Caledon, ON

Caledon Community Services Logo

Caledon Community Services has been supporting people for about 50 years. Their programs, services and activities feed the hungry, ensure senior independence, help people find sustainable employment, assist businesses to grow healthy workforces, provide transportation, encourage and train youth, welcome newcomers, lift the self-esteem of hundreds of children by providing tangible supports including organized recreational and camp opportunities.

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