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Superstars wear hearing aids when they need them, why don’t you?

If you’ve been saying, “What?” to people a lot, or been getting complaints you have the TV too loud, you’re not […]

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Are hearing aids the new sexy? 5 things that say yes!

Most people don’t consider sexy as part of their description of hearing aids. Maybe they just don’t understand hearing aids. […]

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Don’t be fooled by cheap online hearing aid ads

The ads are everywhere. If you’ve ever shown interest in hearing aids on social media or in a search, chances […]

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You hear with your brain!

Did you know you hear with your brain? Unchecked hearing loss can have serious consequences. One of many great reasons […]

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Top four reasons people avoid getting hearing tests

Hearing is one of your most important senses. So important, in fact, one of the first tests you get as […]

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Five things to know when shopping for hearing aids

Shopping for hearing aids can be an overwhelming experience. Just finding out you have hearing loss and need a hearing […]

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