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S01E07 – Relationships

Posted on April 12, 2024
Life sounds Good Podcast

Join hosts Wendy and Mike in conversation with the eloquent Nancy Holmes of London, Ontario who shares her experiences with her father’s hearing loss. A touching tribute to her brilliant father with some real nuggets of wisdom for communication partners of those with untreated hearing loss.

A note from our guest, Nancy Holmes:

Isn’t it always the way … you engage in a stimulating conversation, but it’s too late, on the way home that you think of the important thing that you should have said!

As I drove home this morning, I realized I should have told you about my father’s final wishes. The life-long learner, the career scientist and educator wanted to donate his body to Schulich Medical School, intending to continue teaching, even in death.

Unfortunately that did not happen, for a number of reasons. However, it occurred to me that, perhaps in a rather perverse legacy, perhaps someone will learn something valuable from our interview about his experience with hearing loss and my own as caregiver. The Professor lives on!