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Image of old hearing aid vs modern invisible hearing aid with captio: Discreet. Powerful. Connected.

$500 trade-in allowance*.
Free 2-week trial**.

Change is hard. Especially when you’ve been using the same product for five years or more. But did you know you’re not doing what’s best for your hearing or overall health by clinging to your old hearing aids?

Like any computer, over time the efficiency and effectiveness of hearing aids decreases. Critical parts of the hearings aids deteriorate or corrode. These parts are the listening and amplifying parts of the hearing aids and are programmed for your individual needs. Over time, those needs won’t be met any longer. Just like a worn tire not meeting safety standards. 

And more importantly, your hearing continues to change over time so your old hearing aids may not be right for you. 

Plus hearing aid technology just keeps getting better with every new product released. It’s estimated that there’s exponential improvement in the effectiveness of hearing aids every two years.

While you may not be a person who demands the most innovative and up-to-date technologies, the improvements made to hearing aids year-to-year do a lot to improve your hearing and reduce your risks of other life and health problems.

Now you can benefit from trading in your old hearing aids, no matter how old, for a $500 trade-in allowance when you buy new technology. And, to help you hear the difference between your existing hearing aids and the new technologies, you can access a two-week free trial with no risk and no obligation.

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* Offer expires January 31, 2024. Does not apply to subscription plans or Rely hearing aids.
** Not all products are available for the 2-week free trial.