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Remote care is available

Posted on July 15, 2020

Receive hearing aid adjustments from anywhere in the world with remote care!

Imagine, you are sitting on the deck at your cottage in Northern Ontario. You hear children playing down on the beach, birds chirping all around you, and waves lapping at the shore. Since arriving, however, you have noticed some difficulty hearing on a windy day and voices are not sounding as sharp as they once did. No need to worry, as we can fix that with remote care!

Remote hearing care is now available to hearing aid wearers from anywhere in the world through an app and is supported on both iOS and Android phones. We love Beltone’s app! Whether you are in a meeting at a restaurant, traveling, or simply relaxing in the comfort of your own home or cottage, the convenience of remote care is growing in popularity amongst hearing aid wearers.

Remote care will save you time and give you the confidence that help is just a tap away. After first being set up in-person with your hearing care professional, you can send a request through the app and receive new settings with a simple tap on your phone, without the need for an office visit.

Man in Blue Sweater Holding Smartphone Using Remote Care App
Man Holding Smartphone Using Remote Care App

Set up in 3 easy steps:

1. Request assistance via the app.
2. Your hearing care professional will review and send new settings back to your app.
3. Tap on your app screen to access the update.


The adjustments to hearing aids offered through remote care are almost endless – Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists can make many adjustments, including:
• Feedback reduction
• Impulse noise
• Tinnitus reduction
• Background noise
• Wind noise
• Button function changes
• Adding, removing, or changing existing programmes

Once the adjustments have been accepted and installed by the user, the user will immediately experience the changes made by their practitioner. Moreover, the user also has the option to restore the original settings, if desired, with the tap of a button.


There are some limitations, however. For example, if there is physical damage to the aids, if they are plugged with wax, or if you think your hearing has changed, remote care is not advisable. In these situations, it is better to make an appointment and go in-person to see your hearing care professional.


If you have any questions regarding remote care, adjustments, or your eligibility, call us at 1-888-457-3453 and make an appointment at your closest Hear Well Be Well clinic location!