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Great client service and up-to-the-minute technology and expertise are part of what makes Hear Well Be Well a leader in hearing health care.

We’re glad to see you’ve been referred to us to learn more about what’s going on with your hearing and have your FREE hearing test.

Why choose us?

  • We listen to you. We’re very interested in what you’re going through and care about finding the right solutions.
  • We’re always patient. There’s no rush and no pressure. We want you to find what’s right for you, in the time that’s right for you.
  • We’re an independent family-run business so you know we’re finding the right solutions rather than being tied to one manufacturer.
  • We’re very state of the art. Our testing and technologies are always the latest in hearing health care.

And if you need hearing aids . . .

  • A free two-week trial of the recommended technology may help you see the difference it makes
  • Follow-up appointments are included to help you adjust to your new hearing capabilities
  • Based on the comprehensive hearing tests, we’ll recommend the technology that will help you hear to your highest potential
  • Options to buy, subscribe or finance are available with prices starting at $99/month

Don’t waste another minute missing the sounds of your life! Your free, no obligation hearing test is waiting for you.