Our charity drive

I am so excited about our charity drive – the very first one! It is s a wonderful feeling to be able to do what you love to do and at the same time find ways to help improve people’s lives, and that is what our campaign is about. For those who have hearing aids that are in the drawer, not being used — now they can be put to great use; if they are in good working order, bring them to Hear Well Be Well and I will pay you $600 for them when you buy new technology hearing aids. In November 2013, Kathleen, my wife and I, will go to Rwanda with these donated hearing aids and give them to seniors in need. Please call our office for more information. Check out www.projectempower.ca to learn more about our Rwandan charity.

I am grateful for the newspaper support we have received from the Exeter Times-Advocate, The Parkhill Gazette and the St. Mary’s Weekender helping to promote this cause.

Hear Well Be Well in the News
Hear Well Be Well in the News
Hear Well Be Well in the News

As promised in my last blog, the next blog will discuss the myths and facts about hearing aid services and costs.

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