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How hearing aids benefit us beyond better hearing

Posted on November 20, 2017

Hearing aid benefits

So how does a hearing aid work? Based on your hearing test, the specialist will program it to know which frequencies you hear well and which ones you struggle to hear. A hearing aid uses digital technology to listen to all sound in the listening environment. Then, using that programming it analyzes which frequencies it needs to adjust the amplification to meet your specific hearing ability. By doing this, the hearing aid is correcting and amplifying only the frequencies you need altered, as well as cleaning out distortion and background noises, so you start to hear sounds as close to natural hearing as possible again. Remarkable!

But how does hearing well improve our quality of life? We rely on our hearing to maintain our connection with the world. Hearing is an important part of how we communicate with the people in our lives. It helps us to regulate and orient ourselves in our environment. It acts as our early detection system for danger.

A positive impact on our emotional and social well-being are the most obvious improvements we experience when we take action to improve our hearing, but there are also financial benefits, safety benefits and medical benefits to taking action sooner, rather than waiting until the loss becomes severe.

Being able to hear well increases our level of self-esteem. It allows us to be more confident because we feel competent to make decisions and to participate in conversations. We trust that we understand what is being said to us and we are less intimidated and less concerned that people are talking about us because now we can hear what they are saying. We are even less frustrated and less angry because we feel included and valued. Hearing well improves our interpersonal relationships and that makes a big difference in our happiness.

Safety is a big concern associated with hearing loss. If we cannot hear a warning called out to us, or an alarm, we put ourselves at risk. If we cannot hear a loved one call for help or when they are in danger, we put them at risk. Treating our hearing loss with hearing aids means we have increased our safety and the safety of those in our care. Imagine how differently a situation will turn out if we can hear a fire alarm or a call for help.

Financially, taking action to correct our hearing loss can lead to higher earning power. While still in the working world, a hearing loss can lead to misinformation, misunderstanding instructions and making errors that can jeopardize our job or our chances for advancement. After we retire, hearing loss can affect our finances if we haven’t heard all of the information to make an informed decision about our money. These choices may be about investments or about the items we purchase. Having confidence in our hearing means we can be confident we have the correct information needed to make informed decisions about our finances.

There are so many benefits to hearing well. We all deserve to live a full and happy life, and hearing well is a big part of that.

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