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What do computers and hearing aids have in common?

Posted on November 20, 2017

We need to think about Hearing aids as microcomputers because that is what they are. What varies the cost of computers is what they are capable of doing in comparison when you look at the computer box and you see that they all look alike. You see the different prices and because they look alike, you ask why are these computer boxes are different prices. When the computer expert explains, you find out that the more expensive computer box has a higher capacity to do multiple tasks. It is faster and can have multiple applications running at the same time as compared to the lesser expensive computer boxes that have less capacity and speed.

When you look at hearing aids it is the same comparison; they are microcomputers. When you look on the outside the hearing aids can look identical. But the processor that is within the hearing aid is completely different. The more expensive the hearing aid the more capacity it has to do multiple tasks simultaneously. So just as when you are looking for a computer in a computer store and the expert matches your computer needs to the right computer box, with hearing aids we need to select the right microcomputer to process sounds, reduce noise and enhance speech clarity to help you in all the environments you wish to hear better in.

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