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Are hearing aids the new sexy? 5 things that say yes!

Posted on September 20, 2022
Senior Couple Affectionately Holding Each Other

Most people don’t consider sexy as part of their description of hearing aids. Maybe they just don’t understand hearing aids. Here are five reasons you can consider hearing aids sexy and a part of keeping you sexy too!

1. Effective communication

There’s really no debate that sexy includes effective communication. If you can’t hear your romantic partner, you’re missing opportunities and certainly communication is a key component of a relationship. If you’re saying ‘pardon’ during romantic moments, you’re likely wrecking the mood.

Discreet, often unseen, hearing aids allow you to hear whispers and important communication so you can participate fully with your romantic partner.

2. The classic romantic dinner for two

A romantic dinner is generally a quiet conversation, perhaps with soft music. Are you missing key moments of your romance? Hearing loss often impacts your ability to hear quiet sounds and the high notes of music. Missing the mood-makers of those romantic moments can change how you feel about them. Feeling stress during romantic moments really spoils things!

Hearing aids have wonderful technology that can be programmed to fit your hearing need plus your lifestyle. Well beyond just general amplification, modern hearing aid technology is programmed specifically for your levels of hearing loss which can help bring the nuances of your romantic moments back in tune.

3. Confidence

Self-confidence is a big attraction. Hearing loss can make you self-conscious rather than confident. People can see confidence so if you’re feeling self-conscious or hesitant, part of your visual sex appeal is affected. People can see your lack of confidence more than they can see your hearing aids if you’re wearing recently manufactured hearing aids.

Being able to hear your partner and your surroundings gives you your confidence back. You’re more assured that you’re hearing what’s actually being said and that shows in how you look and act.

4. Sexy technology

Modern hearing aids are discreet and beyond that, they’ve got some pretty spectacular things going on. Some are made of the superhero metal titanium. How much cooler could you be than to have superhero titanium hearing aids? (They’re also great for people with skin allergies.)

Some hearing aids are as small as a pistachio making them essentially invisible. Others support your lifestyle by being waterproof (so you don’t have to take them out when showering) or have built-in health monitors. And if you fancy yourself a fashionista, some come in colors you can accessorize with your outfits!

The bottom line on the available technologies is hearing aids have gone well beyond your grand-parent’s hearing aids. There’s something for everyone to help hear their world and their romantic partner again.

5. Feeling young again

Feeling young again is a matter of perspective. Too many people think hearing aids make you look old but consider:

  • What makes you act old? Saying “huh”, “what”, “pardon” all the time, or being able to hear what people are saying?
  • What makes you feel old? Constantly bugging people to turn up the TV or being able to watch shows with your loved ones at the volume they prefer?
  • What makes you look old? Wearing a look of confusion at family gatherings because you can’t hear what’s going on or joining in with enthusiasm because you hear what everyone else does?

Think hearing aids aren’t sexy? Think again!

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