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These aren’t your grandma’s hearing aids!

Posted on March 16, 2021

One of the most common misconceptions about hearing aids today is that they are large and unsightly objects sitting on our ears. People often associate hearing aids with ones their grandparents once wore, leading them to think hearing aids are only for when you get old. This assumption tends to delay acknowledging hearing health earlier. The advancement of hearing aid technology has come a long way.

Beltone hearing aids in case next to cellphone

There have been many advancements in hearing aid technology over the years. A larger variety of styles and models are available. The instruments themselves are smaller/slimmer (and in some styles, invisible), more comfortable to wear, and some offer a rechargeable option. The technology is more powerful than ever, with many discreet styles. You would be pleasantly surprised by the advancement hearing aids have reached with the level of technology. The client’s lifestyle also plays an essential role in the recommendation process, resulting in the hearing aids being a better fit and a more personalized listening experience.

Hearing aids on the market today provide many advanced programs, such as monitoring body and brain health, preventing feedback noise, making listening in noisy environments smoother and more enjoyable, streaming stereo sound from TVs and radios directly into the hearing aid, talking on the phone hands-free, and much more!

The advancement of hearing aid technology today:

1. Durability

Hearing aids come with water, wax ,and moisture repellent, making them wearable for many different lifestyles and reduced repairs.

2. Invisible options

Hearing aids continue to advance by becoming smaller and more powerful. Many styles, including wireless options, rest comfortably inside your ear canal, where they are virtually invisible to others.

Beltone Apollo Charger

3. Rechargeability

Rechargeable hearing solutions are powered by a lithium-ion battery.

4. Sound comfortability

A modern advanced and sophisticated operating system senses the surroundings and automatically prioritizes speech protection. This makes hearing and understanding easier, no matter what the source of the noise.

5. Music options

Music and speech are quite different. Now all the richness and texture of music can be processed to provide the best sound quality and listening experience. Advanced hearing aid technology can distinguish between music and speech, causing them to automatically change settings to let you hear and enjoy music.

MyPal Micro

6. Wireless options

Today’s hearing aids have the option to connect to other technology, for example, to your smartphone or TV. No one needs to adjust the TV volume so others around you can enjoy the same show. Calls from your smartphone stream directly through your hearing aids, so your hearing aids also become a wireless headset for phone calls. Click here to browse some options.

7. Tinnitus relief

This technology allows you and your hearing aids to customize a soothing sound stimulus (masking sound) designed to help manage your tinnitus, so focusing on speech is much easier. Click here to learn more.

8. Automatic customizable environments

Imagine a hearing device that can sense whether you are in your favorite restaurant, a place of worship, or at work, and change the sound quality accordingly. Hearing aids that are compatible with smartphones have this feature, making every environment more suitable and comfortable.

9. Health tracking

Certain hearing aids have built-in sensors and artificial intelligence that can monitor physical activity (heart rate), cognitive well-being ,and fall detection (since the hearing aids are on the head, the detection of the fall is more accurate). Making you feel safer and more satisfied.

10. Find my hearing aid!

Can you imagine never losing your hearing aids again? Due to a built-in GPS, you will be able to locate your hearing aids inside or outside the house.

The advancement of hearing aid technology has come a long way over the years, offering endless options to make your hearing experience personalized. They are no longer just hearing aids, they are your health monitors, and earbuds for music/ phone calls. Could your grandparents’ hearing aids do all that?

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