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A video introduction to Hear Well Be Well

Posted on September 16, 2019

Full Transcript:

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Hi, I’m Kathleen Tiede. Hi, I’m John Tiede, and we are the owners of Hear Well Be Well. Hear Well Be Well is a family run business, it’s John and I. And our values and what’s important to us permeate your experience with anyone at Hear Well Be Well. Our mission at Hear Well Be Well is to improve your ability to hear which in turn helps all aspects of your life.

You kind of wonder, okay, how bad is my hearing? Because I knew I was having issues with it and I knew my friends and family were noticing. But you know it’s kind of scary because you think, okay, is it really bad?
Unless you have somebody telling you you’re not hearing very well, you don’t know you are missing out on the sounds around about. I’m understanding everything and that is more comfortable for me because I know it’s annoying and it’s not something that you want to put on your friends and family and it just made my life easier.

The biggest difference is that my wife used to always say “Cab you got selective hearing” and get upset with me and now she’s no longer upset with me.

This is what has inspired me for almost 35 years: helping individuals that have a problem with their hearing and bringing in the right solution so that they can reconnect to all things in their life. Your well-being is what here well be well is all about.