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No matter where you purchased your hearing aids, a tune-up can make a world of difference.

If your hearing aids are sitting in a drawer unused, they aren’t doing you any good. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Has it been a while since you’ve had your hearing aids reviewed to make sure they’re delivering for your unique hearing loss?

The shape of your ears – and your hearing loss – is completely unique to you. Excellent fitting and programming of your hearing aids is an important part of having success with hearing aids. The Hear Well Be Well teams are passionate about getting the right fit and effective programming on everyone’s hearing aids.

If your hearing aids are sitting in a drawer unused, the Hear Well Be Well passion for excellence in fitting and programming may overcome your barriers.

Over time, your hearing aids can get dirty in places you can’t clean. And as time passes, your hearing loss is changing. Maybe not very fast, but it is changing. You may think those changes are too small to make a difference but think again. As your hearing stops being properly supported by your hearing aids, your health and wellness risks increase.

Your 8-point tune-up may extend the life of your hearing aids and can improve your hearing experience.

Your 8-point tune-up

8-point tune up

Your 8-point tune-up**, exclusive to Hear Well Be Well, is a great choice if your hearing aids are sitting unused or it’s been a while since you had maintenance.

Your tune-up includes inspections, cleanings, sound checks, testing for you if needed and reprogramming where indicated, and comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee**.

** 8-point tune-up is limited to hearing aids under 5 years old and still supported by the manufacturer to get the satisfaction guarantee. Hearing aids purchased at Costco cannot be included in the 8-point tune-up.

Your exclusive 8-point hearing aid tune-up is available now for $631.

Limitations on the 8-point hearing aid tune-up

The 8-point tune-up is available on makes and models approved in Canada that are under 5 years old and still supported by the manufacturer, excluding hearing aids purchased at Costco.

If your hearing aids are more than 5 years old, your tune-up doesn’t include the satisfaction guarantee as we can only work with the hearing aids in their current condition as many manufacturers don’t support structural and mechanical repairs after the hearing aids are more than 5 years old.

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