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Get A Gift Certificate For Your Loved One This Year​

Give your loved one the gift of better hearing with Hear Well Be Well. You choose the dollar amount!

Gift Card Ideas:
  • $ towards of purchase hearing aids
  • hearing aid sanitizing system
  • batteries/accessories

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Hi this is Kathleen Tiede, I’m John Tiede and we are the owners of Hear Well Be Well. This year for the holiday season we would like to offer the gift of hearing many people at this time of year don’t know what to get their loved one as a present and we have a wonderful idea for you. You can come into any one of our offices and create your very own customized gift certificate if for example, your loved one may be in the need of hearing aids.

The gift certificate can be any dollar value towards the purchase of hearing aids. Or, if your loved one has hearing aids then you can put any dollar value towards perhaps batteries, accessories to help them hear the TV better or hear better in group environments or perhaps a cleaning system that helps sanitize the hearing aids and keep them in pristine condition. So give the gift of hearing. At Hear Well Be Well life sounds good. 

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