14-Step testing process for your optimal hearing

The Hear Well Be WellTM, 14-step testing process is designed to educate you on the nature of your hearing, as well as to provide our Hearing Specialists with the necessary data to make the best recommendations for your hearing health. A FREE hearing exam is available to adults ages 19 and older.

Stage #1


We will review how your current hearing impacts all aspects of your life.


We will examine your ear canal to see if there is wax build-up or other blockages that could be affecting your hearing. Sometimes correcting the hearing problem can be as simple as wax removal.


Your middle ear will be tested to determine if your ear drum and behind your ear-drum are free of fluid, in-tact and the bones and muscles are responding appropriately.


In the sound booth, we will conduct a series of tests:

  1. An inner ear nerve transmission test to determine the sensitivity of nerve response that may be impacting your hearing.
  2. A speech understanding assessment to determine how well you understand spoken words in quiet and noisy environments.


At the conclusion of the above tests, your Hearing Specialist will advise you of:

  1. Your overall hearing health
  2. If you have hearing loss, and what may be causing it

Stage #2

If there is a hearing loss that can be corrected by hearing aids . . .


A pair of hearing aids will be programmed to match your unique hearing needs, and we will simulate challenging listening environments in the test room to determine how well you are hearing with the programmed hearing aids.


The Hearing Specialist will recommend the hearing aid technology that’s right for you, based on: the nature of your hearing loss; the tests conducted; as well as, which listening environments are important to you.


Returning to the sound booth:

  1. The Specialist will determine the appropriate decibel levels and understanding of speech.
  2. Wearing the programmed hearing aids, we will measure your improved hearing abilities.

Watch a hearing test video with radio personality Buzz Reynolds from CKNX radio.

Will I hear well with hearing aids?

The answer is “YES”. At Hear Well Be WellTM you will hear well with your hearing aids. How do we know this? When every client reaches their 3-month appointment, they complete our Client Satisfaction Survey. Clients report high satisfaction with: how well their hearing aids are performing for them and, in turn, their improved quality of life; how much easier it is for them to hear in all listening situations; as well as, our outstanding service and follow-up care. Plus, our satisfied clients provide ongoing referrals to friends and family members.

proprietary testing process satisfaction

Client Satisfaction is over 98%