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Environmental stewardship is important to us

Environmental stewardship is the responsibility of every business and our effect on the environment is considered in everything we do.

All our locations recycle everything they can based on the local municipal rules. We also discourage single-use water bottles; every location has a water cooler which is either refilled with tap water that’s filtered or we recycle the water jugs. We encourage our suppliers to use as little packaging as possible and to make sure we can recycle it.

The mini portable hearing test

Our patented mini portable hearing test is also completely biodegradable or recyclable.

The components of the mini hearing test are:

  • Printed cardstock cover. This can be recycled with all your other cardboard.
  • Three button batteries. The batteries included are alkaline zinc-manganese button cells. They are LR44 batteries which comply with international environmental standards and are non-toxic. These can be recycled with your battery recycling. They’re also safe to put in your kitchen waste as they don’t contain any heavy metals however we discourage this and encourage the recycling.
  • Electronic circuit. This is similar technology to what is used in talking greeting cards. It’s made of plastic, aluminum, laminated copper, epoxy, fibreglass and glass. We recommend putting it with your electronics recycling however it’s safe to put in your kitchen waste; there are no heavy metals in this product.
  • Cellophane wrapper is 100% biodegradable plant cellulose. At this time, it isn’t accepted in recycle bins in all jurisdictions however if you leave it in the open (not in a tied-up kitchen bag), it will degrade in an short period of time in the landfill from exposure to weather.

Of course, if you receive one of our patented mini portable hearing tests, you can always return it to one of our locations and we’ll look after the recycling for you!