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Month: November 2017

Uncorrected hearing loss

Uncorrected Hearing Loss can have a more negative impact on the quality of life then obesity, diabetes, strokes or even cancer. Yet […]

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Hearing loss: why is it so misunderstood?

Why Hearing Loss is so Misunderstood? Your 40’s – hearing loss happens gradually The reason hearing loss is misunderstood is […]

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Medical conditions from hearing loss are no laughing matter

Hearing Loss and Medical Conditions. I must mention the beneficial medical implications of using hearing aids. The use of hearing […]

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How hearing aids benefit us beyond better hearing

Hearing aid benefits So how does a hearing aid work? Based on your hearing test, the specialist will program it […]

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We hear in our brain

Our brain and how we hear. Hearing loss is a gradual process and usually happens over a period of years. […]

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Why does the cost of hearing aids vary?

The cost of hearing aids – Did you know there are over 1,400 unique models of hearing aids available in […]

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