Hear Well Be Well - What happens if hearing loss is uncorrected?

What happens if hearing loss is uncorrected?

A large number of people wait 7 to 15 years or more from the point when they first recognize they have a loss to when they purchase their first hearing aid. During this time, their quality of life may have deteriorated unnecessarily. Our ears function for us to hear, but understanding happens in the brain. Over time as you lose your hearing, your brain slowly loses the ability to recognize sounds and certain words. This is why you can hear but sometimes misunderstand.

The National Council on the Aging (NCOA) reported that hearing loss in older persons can have a significant negative impact on quality of life. In the NCOA's survey of 2,300 hearing-impaired adults, age 50 or older, those with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report depression, anxiety, and paranoia and less likely to participate in organized activities, compared to those who wore hearing aids. Studies have linked untreated hearing loss to:

  • Irritability, negativism and anger
  • Fatigue, tension and stress
  • Avoidance or withdrawal from social situations
  • Reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety
  • Impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks
  • Reduced job performance and earning power
  • Diminished psychological and overall health

See Medical Studies on Impacts of Hearing Loss for detailed medical studies linking hearing loss to:

  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Increased hospital stays

Your hearing loss can also be a danger to your personal safety. Hearing loss also makes it difficult to hear important announcements, instructions, sirens, and traffic signals, which could put you and your loved ones in danger.

Hearing loss affects more than just the person with the hearing loss, but everyone around them. Others find it difficult to cope with your hearing needs; they have to repeat themselves, talk loudly, and use more signs and gestures while talking. A hearing loss is frustrating not only for you, but for those trying to communicate with you.

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