Hear Well Be Well - Hearing Evaluation Process

Hearing Evaluation Process

The Hear Well Be Well™ evaluation process is designed to educate you about the nature of your hearing and provide your Hear Well Be Well™ Hearing Specialist with your hearing system data so that the best recommendation for your hearing health can be made. There are two stages to our proprietary hearing tests: Stage One - The Screening Evaluation and Stage Two - The Complete Evaluation.

Watch a Hearing Test video with radio personality Buzz Reynolds from CKNX radio.

Stage One: The Screening Evaluation


Review: Your Hear Well Be Well™ Hearing Specialist will discuss your completed client evaluation to understand how your current hearing impacts your life and where you would like to hear well again.


Video Ear Scan: Using a video otoscope, your Hear Well Be Well™ Hearing Specialist examines your ear canal to see if there is a wax build-up or other blockages that could affect your hearing. Sometimes correcting the hearing problem can be as simple as removing the wax.


Tympanometry Test: Your Hear Well Be Well™ Hearing Specialist tests your middle ear to determine if your ear drum and behind your ear-drum are free of fluid, in-tact and the bones and muscles are responding appropriately.


Nerve Transmission Test: This test precisely measures hearing ability across the full spectrum of sound.


Bone Vibrator Test: While sitting in our sound booth, the Hearing Specialist conducts inner ear nerve transmission tests, using a bone vibrator, which sends sounds directly to the nerves. This indicates the location of any damage that is impact¬ing your hearing. If your hearing is within normal range, the hearing test is complete.


Speech Understanding Assessment: This test will determine how well you can understand spoken words in both quiet and noisy environments.

At the conclusion of these 6 steps, your Hear Well Be Well™ HS will advise you of:

  • Your overall hearing health (outer, middle and inner ear)
  • If you have hearing loss, what is causing it
  • Based on the above, what are the recommended next steps

Stage Two: The Complete Evaluation


Listening Levels Assessment: While sitting in the sound booth, your Hear Well Be Well™ Hearing Specialist determines the softest, the most comfortable and the most uncomfortable decibel levels of speech for you as well as any permanent loss of understanding speech you may have.


Hearing Aid Recommendation: Your Hear Well Be Well™ Hearing Specialist determines the ideal hearing aid based on: the nature of your hearing loss from the above tests and the listening environments that are important to you. Our goal with you is to get you hearing 100% of speech in both quiet and noisy environments.


Hearing Aid Programming: Your Hear Well Be Well™ Hearing Specialist programs the hearing aids from the data collected in Steps 4-10. This way the hearing aids are equipped with your unique hearing.


Live Hearing Aid Demonstration: You wear the hearing aids in the office and experience historically challenging listening environments to determine how well you are hearing with the programmed hearing aids.


Hearing Aided Speech Understanding: While sitting in the sound booth wearing the programmed hearing aids, your Hear Well Be Well™ Hearing Specialist determines the percentage of speech that you now understand. We continue to reprogram the hearing aids until we can get as close to our goal of 100% understanding of speech, no matter the environment!

Will I hear well with Hearing Aids?

The answer is “YES” at Hear Well Be Well™ you will hear well with your hearing aids. How do we know this? After every client’s 3-month appointment, our client completes a two-page satisfaction survey. Our state-of-the-art testing equipment, dispensing latest hearing aids technology and providing on-going and frequent follow-up care appointments are the reasons why Hear Well Be Well’s client satisfaction levels score above 98%.

Client Satisfaction

Over 98%

Hearing Aid Satisfaction pie chart

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