Hear Well Be Well - Our Charitable Work

Our Charitable Work

We are grateful for all of the privilege we have in our lives. With this privilege comes responsibility; responsibly to share our good fortune with others. That is why we donate 5% of our profits to charitable work both at home and abroad. As of 2015, the Tiede’s have donated over $500,000 to their local and international initiatives. Here is a peek at the ways they have helped to make a difference so far:

Our Work at Home

In 2013 John and Kathleen Tiede developed the Gift of Hearing program to help those in need of hearing help. Already Hear Well Be Well™ has provided for 15 Southwestern Ontario families. Not only were the latest technology hearing aids donated but all of the services and hearing aid accessories were donated as well.

2016 Contest Winners Announced! Click here to read about this year’s winners Kevin Hall and Don Johnson.To read about last year’s winners, click here.

2015 Gift of Hearing Winners!

  1. Exeter - Christopher Merner

  2. Parkhill - Deanna Tebby

  3. Mitchell - Tracy Lee

  4. New Hamburg - Melba Honderich

  5. Elora - Helen Buckton

  6. Mount Forest - Wilfred Pringle

  7. Meaford - Fay Graham

  8. Stayner - Margaret Russel

  9. Bolton – Les Sheare


Gift of Hearing program








Gift of Hearing program







Gift of Hearing winners

In addition to helping those with hearing loss, John and Kathleen have also donated to organizations like ONE CARE Easy Ride Program in Huron and Perth Counties to support seniors mobility and accessibility. To do so, the husband and wife team, along with many of their dedicated associates, created a first of its kind Good Vibrations Charity Concert. Over $2,500 was raised for ONE CARE, while the audience enjoyed the sounds of Old Country music, dancing, silent and live auctions and a pulled-pork dinner.

Our Work Abroad

Rwanda - Hope Village:

Rwanda - Hope VillageRwanda - Hope Village

Since 2008, John and Kathleen Tiede have worked with African youth in a place called Hope Village; a home to 42 children who survived the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The Tiede’s goal is to empower and enable them to become self-sufficient and productive members of their society. Together, they helped create short and long term goals regarding:

  • learning how and having the tools and land to grow their own food
  • attending post-secondary education in skilled trades, business finance and civil engineering
  • providing financing and education to help these youth start micro businesses

Through annual visits and contact with their established liaison, Kathleen and John are able to monitor progress and ensure the initiatives they’ve set up for agriculture, education and business are working well to help these young adults become happy, productive and socially responsible mature adults.

Rwanda - Hearing Aid Dispensing:

Rwanda - Hearing Aid DispensingRwanda - Hearing Aid Dispensing

In 2013 John and Kathleen Tiede believed they could extend their strong desire to help people “hear well” beyond the Canadian borders. Interestingly, in Canada, hearing aids that have been purchased for over 90 days old are not re-saleable in Canada, even though they may work perfectly well. With that in mind, the couple started the International Gift of Hearing in Rwanda, where they had already established strong medical ties through their work at Hope Village. A local drive to collect used hearing aids was initiated by the  Hear Well Be Well™ team and by 2014 they were able to take 200 hearing aids, batteries and their own testing and programming equipment to Rwanda. The Tiedes worked and educated Doctors, nurses and specialists, to provide 120 Rwandans, who were experiencing hearing loss, with hearing aids.